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Distraction imagery development workshops

Last month, the last in a series of workshops with NHS staff to get feedback on the ATD programme’s multi-sensory design and distraction imagery project was held. A team headed by artist Alex Hamilton and Dr Oli Mival from the Napier University’s Centre for Interactive Design is developing a technology platform which will allow clinical staff and patients to engage with moving images that can be projected on walls or ceilings for distraction while patients are undergoing tests, examinations or procedures.
The workshops have helped the team refine the design and content ideas for a selection of films which will be commissioned later this year. The suite of films will be categorised under three ‘channels’ that describe what the content is best suited for: relaxing, engaging and focusing. Each channel will contain different types of content, for example animation, animals, nature, comedy and places around Edinburgh. The film library will be accessed by staff through a menu on a tablet and films will be able to be filtered not just by type but also by length. Films lasting from 5 minutes to 45 minutes can be chosen, depending on how long a treatment might last.