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Emma Varley’s ‘Dream-scape’

Emma Varley’s ‘Dream-scape’ unfolds over six large scale light boxes which are a re-interpretation of the existing stained glass ‘A child’s garden of dreams’ found within the current Royal Hospital for Sick Children. Creative engagement with the patients inspired ideas of escapism, developing around stained glass and its ability to evoke reverence through the intensity of light as projected colour. 

Using an overhead projector, Emma explored light collages, placing coloured glass, translucent papers, found and personal objects on the surface to create ‘dream-scapes’. The ‘dream-scapes’ were photographed and digitally enhanced then printed to film for light box installation. 


The artworks are real and imagined; snapshots of a wider environment captured in portrait format to emphasise elements of strata linking to the surrounding environment. Flora and fauna dominate each scene; the hare perched high keeps watch over the meadows whilst being observed by the sun. A view over loch and glen with rabbit and swan who observe a single weed bearing its intricate root system, referencing energy and power echoed by wind turbines and the moon. Stag and eagle look towards the mountains protected by the willow pattern plate – a reference to dining, story telling, love and escapism. 

The artwork will be installed in the building’s restaurant on the fourth floor which will be open to all.