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The programme consists of over twenty projects and team of over thirty artists, designers and makers forming one of the largest art in healthcare programmes in the UK. The emphasis is on the integration and enhancement of the patient experience within arrival, waiting, treatment and ward spaces.  To balance the architecture and design led commissions a series of artist fellowships and residencies have been commissioned running through 2017  and into Spring 2018.  Fellows and artists will explore ways in which creative practice can help build a wider understanding both specialist subject areas and ways to actively engage with the wider campus and city community.

An Art and Therapeutic design group has been established consisting of the NHS project team, key staff users representation and the two main charities, the Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation  and the Sick Kids Friends Foundation. This group has worked proactively to agree the main prioritised project strands for enhancement.

The majority of the design development has now been completed and project teams are now working with specialist art fabricators to construct and install their work in time for the hospital opening in Spring 2018.

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