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Anatomy of Fleeting Moments at Edinburgh Art Festival

Artists Hans K Clausen and Kjersti Sletteland collaborated with writer Jenni Fagan and over 700 staff and patient participants, to present a fascinating exhibition set amidst the iconic and theatrical backdrop of the University of Edinburgh’s Anatomical Museum. Hand squeezed porcelain ‘artefacts’ produced during participatory workshops across NHS hospital sites as well as drawings, poetry, sculptures and collected biographical information were presented amidst the museums historical anatomical exhibits making for a unique and striking visual experience. Elements of the exhibition were constructed in response to the aesthetics of the museum, for example a replica of a 19th century phrenology cabinet containing a poem by Jenni Fagan, while other aspects used the museum exhibits as a backdrop in which to set their contemporary visual narrative. 

Anatomy of a Fleeting Moments at Edinburgh Art Festival