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Designers Kevan Shaw Lighting Design (KSLD) and artist Claire Hope worked to create the atrium lighting installation at the two entrances of the new building. The design is based on embedding the entrance and exit experience in people’s memories to reduce two potential moments of stress in an individual’s day by simplifying a journey.  

 The glass entrance vestibules at each end of the atrium form physical connections and emotional placemarks on a journey of coming and going.  The artwork can be seen from opposite ends of the atrium and most levels internally by the flag of colour high in the wall, reinforcing orientation and identity through colour. 

As daylight shines through the transparent paintings a natural sense of time and location is created – the colours, shades and shadows shift as time passes. The artists created a similar effect in the evenings by overlaying artificial light. Texture and depth was added in a non-repetitive abstract and natural arrangement to provide distraction for patients, staff and visitors through providing a sense of welcoming and an environment devoid of stress.